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Marketing Basics: Artwork – Raster vs. Vector

  Most people think a picture is a picture. You have jpg, gif, and so on. In the marketing and advertising world, pictures are so much more. The right visual can make or break an advertisement and no business wants their logo to appear blurry or unprofessional. When we have an order from a client, we always ask for a vector logo as the method of imprint, but how many actually know what a vector graphic is? Most images online are considered Raster Graphics. A raster image is comprised of many (hundreds, thousands, or even millions) tiny squares of color, a.k.a. pixels. The most common form of raster graphic is a picture or photo (jpg/jpeg, psd, png, tiff, bmp, and gif). These types of images are mostly altered and edited by programs such as Photoshop. Raster images are great to have because they offer a depth of detail. High resolution images are vivid and capture great detail in the photograph. This images are measured in resolution by dpi (dots per inch). Most raster images used in pr

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